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Shelling is a wonderful hobby. There are a lot of people who love collecting different types and colors of shells and storing them. If you are also passionate about your hobby then you must give a try to Captiva shelling tours. Captiva is located off the coast of south west Florida and is situated just few miles away from Sanibel island which is why Captiva is known as the twin sister of Sanibel island. Captiva island is a popular tourist destination due to its wonderful weather year round and the dense mangrove forest that surrounds the golden beach.The crystal clear water is the breeding ground for different varieties of fishes.

Fishing is also a popular activity in Captiva island. There are private charters that can be booked in a group of 4-6. People can go for fishing trip with their friends and family, catch different varieties of fishes and click pictures. Apart from fishing, the Captiva shelling tours are another popular attraction. A shelling guide will guide the tourists on the shelling expedition, they will take the tourist to all possible places where shells can be found. Shells come to the shore at the time of low tides so one can expect to find a lot of shells during the low tides especially after a storm. You will be provided a net bag for collecting shell and when you collect them make sure you do not catch any live shell as you will be punished if somebody finds out.

Captiva island also has seafood restaurants and staying accommodation for those who want to stay in the island for few days. The shelling tour is wonderful experience on the beach with your group. Apart from collecting shells on the beach, you can also click pictures, shop from the shell souvenir shop where different items made out of the shells from the beach are sold for commercial purpose. The guides will provide you booklet that will help you to understand and distinguish the different types off shells based on their distinct characteristics, additionally they will also help you to have a closer look on how the shells live when alive. Join in the shelling tour today to enjoy all the fun on the golden sand beaches amidst the calm weather of the Captiva island.

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